Friday, February 23, 2007

Yummy BLT

I met my friend Jane (of the two sandwich lead) at the Minnesota History Center for lunch yesterday and had the best BLT. Rosemary foccacia with garlicky herb mayonnaise, arugula, fancy bacon, and a really good tomato. It doesn't seem right to eat a tomato that good in February, but I'm not going to ask too many questions! It came with sweet potato fries, too. I'm glad I don't work there, it would be too tempting to eat lunch at the cafe every day. I'd be poorer and fatter! They have a hot pastrami sandwich calling my name next. (I hope we pull that one out of the hat soon!)
So, go to Cafe Minnesota and have lunch. Check out Baseball as America, or my favorite exhibit, Weather Permitting.

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Peter said...

i'm dedicating my comment today to britney spears, who shaved her head. there are a lot of sandwiches to eat, thats why i'm excited to see that the frequency of postings has increased.

do you think, that if your blog becomes famous and profits you celebrity status you will become overwhelmed and shave your head?

you should make some homemade mayo for one of your sandwiches.

2007 - the year of the sandwich