Saturday, February 17, 2007

The LIST, updated

We're getting ready for Jucy Lucys next week--but we'll have to eat them Tuesday night, while watching Heroes on tape. Why? Jen and Junior will be here and we're watching the L Word and eating Thai food with them. So many food and tv pairings! What will we do when America's Next Top Model starts? Eat carrot sticks and Baked Lays?
So anyway, thanks for all of your excellent sandwich suggestions. These are the ones that have made it into the hat. I have to exclude any sandwich containing fish (sorry, Peter) since Beth won't eat them. And sandwich night is for the entire house. I'm also leaving out the excellent peanut butter suggestions since they aren't dinnery enough. Also my friend Patrick's cheddar cheese and strawberry jam sandwich, for the same reason. But I'm totally making it for lunch.
New Additions:
Jucy Lucy
Patty melt
California Chicken Club from the Mac Grille
Roasted Vegetable
Monte Cristo (or shall we say, Monte Crisco?)
Pulled Pork
Barbeque (we'll figure out what kind when we draw it)
Amy Boese's Giant Dinner Sandwich


Peter said...

my dream is to some day have a sandwich suggestion accepted into the hat.

Peter said...

how about chicken or eggplant parm? we have that in boston. it is good. maybe even good enough for you.

Peter said...

how about this: muffaletta or a texas reuben.

please accept me into your rarefied world, sheltered from the commoners by leavened bread up top and below.



Anonymous said...

Portobella mushroom (without the other roasted veggies).

Kris said...

Portobella mushroom (not the same as roasted veggie).