Friday, August 29, 2008

Escaping the Republican National Convention

The RNC starts next week, right across the street from my work. Since getting to work will be a challenge, we've decided to head out on another vacation! Beth and I leave for the Buffalo/Niagara Falls/Toronto region this afternoon. I am looking forward to sampling some local delicacies of the sandwich persuasion, such as beef on weck
I'll be back online in about a week!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everything We Ate (and Drank) at the State Fair, Part 2

Oh yes. We did it again. We went to Fair yesterday afternoon with Angie. I could say that our main goal was to see the llama dress up judging (which was fabulous.) Really it was to eat all the foods we hadn't already gotten to eat, drink too much beer, and see the Gnarls Barkley/Cloud Cult Grandstand show (which was also fabulous.)
Enjoy...full list at the end of the post!

From the top: deep fried pickles; deep fried cheese curds; Twisted Sister (porketta sausage wrapped in bread dough, on a stick); Quirky Jerk (jerk sausage in puff pastry on a stick); fish taco; Summit Extra Pale Ale; strawberry malt; Summit Extra Pale Ale; Minnesota Farmer's Union Mocha Frappe; roasted corn; cheese on a stick; Pronto Pups; Summit; more Summit; pot roast sandwich; Vita Mix soup sample; even more Summit; Pig Lickers (chocolate covered bacon. for real.); mini donuts; deep fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Farmer's Market=Delicious BLT

To recover from our all-day eating binge at the State Fair, I whipped up this yummy sandwich for dinner the next night. It's mostly T in the BLT. Check out this beautiful tomato we got at the Farmer's Market.
I had a pile of farmer's market green beans tossed with a little butter and some thyme from our garden along with it. Aaah, summer. Don't go away!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Everything we ate (and drank) at the State Fair

Beth, Kate and I went to the Great Minnesota Get Together yesterday. Since the Fair is all about eating, here is a chronicle of our day. (With apologies to Tucker Shaw.)
From the top: pork chop on a stick; pickle on a stick; French fries; pineapple and strawberry malts (Kate had a twist cone); cider freeze; honey lemonade; cheese curds and birch beer; Fudge Puppies; Big Fat Bacon; Italian sausage; twist cone; cinnamon sugar pretzel; iced tea; Gizmo; Cinniminis; lemonade; Summit Oktoberfest; Island Noodles; Schell's Octoberfest; Sweet Martha's cookies; all-you-can-drink milk. Not pictured: Lots and lots of water (and it still wasn't enough)

Friday, August 22, 2008

One month to go...

Heroes returns September 22.
To celebrate, we are going to go back to how it all began--the giant HERO sandwich.
Are you coming?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation Sandwiches

I ate a fair amount of sandwiches on my cross-country road trip with my family. Here are some of the highlights:There we are, ordering from the Cougar Country Drive-In in Pullman, WA. My brother and sister in law lived in Pullman back when they first got married. We stopped into town to visit with some of their friends. When seven people show up at your house for dinner on a weeknight, the most polite thing to do is to bring greasy hamburgers from the local drive-in, right?
I got a Cougar Special. What makes it special? That slice of grilled ham on top of the hamburger! It was quite delicious. Good and messy, like a hamburger should be.
I ate my 194th and 195th sandwiches at my family reunion. #194 was a turkey sandwich from Quiznos--that's what was getting picked up from town for lunch. It was actually pretty tasty.#195 was a cheeseburger at the reunion. My cousin Kristi's husband Sam grilled and my Aunt Genie made lots of fantastic side salads. That's my cousin Kristi's son, Paul watching on with his temporary reunion tattoo on his cheek. #196 was a yummy turkey sandwich with cranberry relish from the Olympic Club Pub in Centralia, WA. I had a cup of salmon chowder with it. Yum! #197 was a bit of a shame-wich. My brother enjoys going out for late night burgers and he was delighted to go to his favorite spot in Seattle, Dick's. Of course we hit this after going out to a really nice supper at the Coastal Kitchen. Even though I told him I was stuffed, he does not like eating alone, so all the grown-ups ended up with a Dick's Deluxe. It is a great burger and even tastes good when eaten luke-warm while watching late night Olympics coverage since you couldn't choke it down any sooner.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back and almost recovered...

I've started adding photos to the blog posts I made while on vacation. Check them out.
Our trip ended all too quickly and left me totally exhausted. I had to lay on the couch watching Olympics for two days to recover. Poor little me.
I've got some more fun sandwich pictures from the trip and I'll try to post them tonight. Are you waiting with baited breath?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Becoming an Above Average Sandwich Eater

I became an above average sandwich eater at my family reunion. Details to come.....(I'm on a slow connection right now!)

Friday, August 8, 2008


We are staying with my cousin Georgine and her family in Oregon right now. Yesterday we drove out to the beach at Pacific City and had lunch at the Pelican Pub. And yes--I ate my 193rd sandwich of the year! It was the Pelican Po'boy. Not made of pelican, but of locally caught snapper. It was fantastic and it fueled me up to hike all over the giant sand dune on the beach.
Now I shall devote the remaining 5 months of 2008 to being an above average sandwich eater!