Monday, August 25, 2008

Everything we ate (and drank) at the State Fair

Beth, Kate and I went to the Great Minnesota Get Together yesterday. Since the Fair is all about eating, here is a chronicle of our day. (With apologies to Tucker Shaw.)
From the top: pork chop on a stick; pickle on a stick; French fries; pineapple and strawberry malts (Kate had a twist cone); cider freeze; honey lemonade; cheese curds and birch beer; Fudge Puppies; Big Fat Bacon; Italian sausage; twist cone; cinnamon sugar pretzel; iced tea; Gizmo; Cinniminis; lemonade; Summit Oktoberfest; Island Noodles; Schell's Octoberfest; Sweet Martha's cookies; all-you-can-drink milk. Not pictured: Lots and lots of water (and it still wasn't enough)


Cora Carey said...

oh my god seriously - i just got a stomach ache just LOOKING at these pics. guess i've lost my edge. so wish i could have done the Fair w/you guys!!

Rebecca said...

We did ride our bikes home from the Fair--which helps with the digestion. Even though there is the constant fear of a "reversal of fortune." We missed you too!