Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy National Sandwich Day!

Who knew such a day actually existed? I didn't until late this afternoon. Which is why we went out for sandwiches rather than trying to throw together something suitably ornate for the occasion. Be'wiched filled in perfectly. They have fancy sandwiches and a double punch on your punch card special just for Sandwich Day.
Beth had the turkey burger special with mushrooms, bacon and cheddar. I got the smoked turkey. It has a big pile of delicious smoked turkey with bacon, goat cheese, medjool date spread and zippy dressed salad greens. It's such a yummy sweet and salty and sour combo. They do that very well at Be'wiched. They do everything well there! I got a cup of cream of celery root and apple soup and it was decadent and tasty enough to serve as dessert.
Happy Sandwich Day everyone!