Monday, August 3, 2009

Vegan sandwiches can be delicious, too

What's that, you say? A vegan sandwich at Sandwich Night and Angie was there? It's true! I have already raved about the new sandwich cookbook I picked up, 'wichcraft:craft a sandwich into a meal-and a meal into a sandwich. This was the first sandwich I actually made from it. I've been too busy drooling over the book to get around to making anything. The only thing about the book that keeps it from being all out food porn is the lack of a centerfold.
The sandwich I chose was a summery beauty-chopped chickpeas with roasted red peppers, black olies, lemon confit and parsley. It was on country bread.
The flavors were fantastic together. There was lots of thyme, oregano, and rosemary in the chick peas and peppers. I picked up pitted olives with thyme since I didn't feel like pitting the nicoise olives called for in the recipe. They worked quite well. And the lemons were really special. They are cured in salt, sugar, onions and garlic for a few days, then packed in olive oil. They are nice and tangy and not sour at all. I would imagine that letting them sit and mellow out in the oil for a couple weeks will make them even better. Which is why I will feature them in our next Sandwich Night on August 11. More on that later.Angie came over and my friend Gina (her first SN!) Karen was feeling under the weather and couldn't make it, unfortunately. Of course Angie had to go her own way with the sandwich, but she didn't add cheese, mushrooms, or hot sauce like you might expect. No, she made a triple decker, for more deliciousness.
We cruised around what terrible options there are on summer Tuesday night TV (More to Love!?!) and finally I subjected them to the highlights show from America's Next Top Model Cycle 1. It's a doozy--Brazilian waxes, bible thumpers, snarky Elyse, and how not to behave when rich French guys take you to dinner and a show (i.e., don't read the bible the whole time.)
Next up will be a very special Sandwich Night since Kate will be here!!! She's back from Israel and stopping in town for a few days before she heads off to grad school in Michigan. In her honor we will once again consult 'wichcraft and make roasted leg of lamb with lemon confit, mustard greens and black olive mayonnaise. Entertainment TBA. I can hardly wait!