Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for some new sandwiches...

(The hot roast beef post is coming, have no fear. Karen demanded a contemplative essay on the intensely personal exercise of consrtucting the perfect hot roast beef sandwich so I'm still in cogitation mode.)
As we sat slumped on the couch and full of hot roast beef sandwiches, brownies and pumpkin bars on Monday night, Kate suggested we revisit the hat. Faithful readers will remember that I keep all of the Sandwich Night sandwich suggestions in a big fuzzy hat. We originally came up with a great number of ideas--they are listed in the "Sandwiches We Will Love" list on the blog. Well, we've worked our way through quite a few of them (see "Sandwiches We Have Loved") and we're ready for some fresh ideas.
The rules: It has to be a new sandwich. It can't already be in the hat. It can't be something we've already featured at a Sandwich Night. (The giant hero is the only allowable repeat under current law.) Additionally, it has to honor the Sandwich Night tradition of being a dinner-worthy sandwich.
I can't wait to hear your ideas!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Bad Habit?

The last two Saturdays I have gone to yoga, then "rewarded" myself with fancy sandwiches. Should I be worried?
I go to a yoga class from 12-1 on Saturdays when I can, mostly because the instructor is hysterical. Also because it's at the Y and it's included in my membership and not full of scary hard body pretzels with fancy yoga pants.
Since I don't eat beforehand, I'm always hungry from something on my way home. Last week I stopped at Spiros on University to try their spicy gyro. I've been driving by the sign for ages, why not? The spicy gyro is spicy because they put giardiniera peppers on it. Interesting and quite tasty.
Yesterday I had to run an errand in downtown Minneapolis which brought me perilously close to Be'wiched. Mmmm...I got the smoked ham sandwich which has thinly sliced smoked ham (not too smoky--they might make it there), brie, and apple mostarda on a baguette. Where has apple mostarda been all of my life? That is a seriously awesome condiment--cooked apples and mustard, as far as I could tell. So delicious. A definite entry into the GESTALT! Sandwich

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Hot Roast Beef Promise

Yes, I promised Karen the vote fraud queen hot roast beef sandwiches next.
How about this coming Monday, October 27?
Come over 7:00 ish and we'll watch Heroes at 8:00. does sound good.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Our Turkey Club Sandwich Night was delightful. Karen and I were able to get over our mutual hurt over the poll voting fiasco and relish the fruits of late summer/early fall. People always think summer is the time for great produce. But up here in the Midwest, our greatest bounty comes in between the middle of September and the middle of October. Tomatoes and peppers are perfect, late planted greens are crisp and delicious. And going to farmer's market is a delight on a cool crisp October morning, rather than misery on a hot steamy August one.
Where was I?
Oh yes, the turkey club. I wanted it to be delicious and special, so I roasted a fresh turkey breast on Sunday. I am weary of slimy deli turkey. Home brined and roasted is so much better. (And you get to make soup from the bones.) I got Everett's bacon, of course. I very patiently cooked it all over low heat so it would get good and crispy without getting burned. From the farmer's market, I got gorgeous tomatoes and sweet lettuce. I picked up an avocado on Saturday and stuffed it in a paper bag with a banana to get it perfectly ripe by Monday. (Works like a charm--try it.) And finally, I picked up a loaf of peasant bread from A Baker's Wife. Then I panicked that we wouldn't have enough and picked up a loaf of sourdough from Trader Joe's to go with it. Finally--I tried and failed miserably to make some mayonnaise. It's worked before--I'm not sure what happened this time. I'll have to investigate some mayonnaise troubleshooting tips. Any way, I luckily had a fresh jar of Hellman's in the cupboard so we were saved.

I made mine in the traditional double decker manner and I remembered that I had frilly toothpicks just in time. Fantastic

Karen went for a big pile on two slices of bread and smushed it down. She added toothpicks later, after I took the picture.

Kate and Beth were there, too, of course! And Sam the Cat who managed to eat his weight in turkey and not get sick. Good kitty.

We watched Heroes, which has been underwhelming me this season. I found an essay on Television Without Pity that pretty much sums up all of my feelings. Check it out. Of course, my sandwich was so heavenly, I barely noticed all the silly plot holes. And I'm glad I was finished eating by the time Mohinder started encasing people in sticky fly goo.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I don't feel bad anymore!

I have identified the source of the many last minute hot roast beef sandwich votes.
It was Karen, following the advice of the old Chicago political machine to vote early (not really) and often. She spent her last moments at work on Friday either sneaking onto idle computers or convincing her co-workers to vote for the hot roast beef. I don't she registered any dead people to vote, but you never know.
She will pay for her fraudulent vote manipulation by eating a turkey club tonight! Ha!

I've got egg on my face...

When I left work on Friday the turkey club was holding a substantial lead in the Sandwich Night poll. When I went to check the blog later on Friday night to find out the winner, I discovered that our internet was out. And it stayed out all weekend. So, I trusted the early returns and exit polls and went on with planning for the turkey club.
I roasted a fresh turkey breast, fried up two pounds of bacon, bought lovely tomatoes and lettuce at the farmer's market, ripened up some avocados and got Trader Joe's sourdough and A Baker's Wife sliced peasant bread.
When I was finally able to check the blog this morning, imagine my shock to see that hot roast beef had a late surge and won the poll. Who are all those roast beef voters? Were they undecided until the last minute? Were they confused by the butterfly ballot?
Well, sorry to disenfranchise you like Katharine Harris and William Rehnquist, but we're having turkey clubs tonight, people. And you will like them!
And, in deference to you Florida voters, I will honor the final vote count and serve hot roast beef at the next Sandwich Night. Happy now?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Amarillo known for steaks, not sandwiches

I spent the last four days in Amarillo, Texas for work and I have to report that the ONLY chain restaurant missing from that metro area is Chili's. Seriously, the city stretches out along I-40 for miles, dotted with major hotel chains and themed restaurants. As I sat in Joe's Crab Shack eating a crab cake sandwich (not bad at all), I thought to myself, "We could be in any suburb in any city in the country right now." I also thought that having the job of the person who gets all the crap to hang up on the walls might be sort of fun. Except that it's probably all corporate and suity.
I don't mean to malign Amarillo's culinary tradition too much though. This is the city with the "free" 72 oz. steak, after all. If you eat it in 1 hour that is. But then the trucker you are competing with will die of beef poisoning and you'll have to take over his run and all hell will break loose.
I manged to get in a ginormous steak cooked over a mesquite fire at the Lone Star Bar and Grill, a local place with lots of ambience. (Bumper sticker on the bathroom door reads, "I'd rather go hunting with Cheney than driving with Kennedy") I just finished feeding the remainder of that behemoth to a meat crazed Sam the Cat. Mraaw!
I did have a tasty barbecue beef brisket sandwich at the Dallas Forth Worth Airport on my way home, so all was not lost on the sandwich front. Now that I'm back, I can focus on Sandwich Night. Don't forget to vote--it's a close race!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's about time...

...for another Sandwich Night!
How about Monday, October 13th? We'll kick it old skool and watch Heroes. Come over around 7:00. Show's at 8:00.
You may ask what sandwich we will be having? Let's put democracy into action. Vote in the poll!

More Prosciutto Shenanigans

Well folks, I have finally finished off the meats from the giant hero. It's a good thing they are cured for long preservation!
My final hurrah was a panini (of course): prosciutto, goat brie, Swiss and fig jam on sourdough from the Salty Tart. The prosciutto was a little strong, but all in all a lovely treat. It also featured my new bread find. The Salty Tart just opened in the Midtown Global Market (sadly, it replaced the Starlight Bakery, one of our favorites). In addition to fancy pastries and cakes they have really beautiful sourdough rounds. Check them out!