Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for some new sandwiches...

(The hot roast beef post is coming, have no fear. Karen demanded a contemplative essay on the intensely personal exercise of consrtucting the perfect hot roast beef sandwich so I'm still in cogitation mode.)
As we sat slumped on the couch and full of hot roast beef sandwiches, brownies and pumpkin bars on Monday night, Kate suggested we revisit the hat. Faithful readers will remember that I keep all of the Sandwich Night sandwich suggestions in a big fuzzy hat. We originally came up with a great number of ideas--they are listed in the "Sandwiches We Will Love" list on the blog. Well, we've worked our way through quite a few of them (see "Sandwiches We Have Loved") and we're ready for some fresh ideas.
The rules: It has to be a new sandwich. It can't already be in the hat. It can't be something we've already featured at a Sandwich Night. (The giant hero is the only allowable repeat under current law.) Additionally, it has to honor the Sandwich Night tradition of being a dinner-worthy sandwich.
I can't wait to hear your ideas!


Karen said...

Peanut butter and jelly (classic).

Ham (or pastrami) and swiss on rye.

Cucumber sandwiches (and/or other tea sandwiches).

Philly roast pork with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe.

Hot Brown Sandwich (w/gravy, natch).

Chicago-style Italian Beef (with peppers!)

Vada pav (never eaten it but sounds yummy).

Francesinha (ditto).

Anything from

Rebecca said...

We've done hot pastrami, but not on rye. That could be a chance to pick up some of Be'wiched's pastrami...intriguing.
PB&J and Cucumber aren't dinnery enough.
The Philly roast pork sounds awesome. Not so sure about the Hot Brown, didn't we just sort of do that?
We've done Italian Beef.
I'm curious about the Vada pav and Francesinha.
Nice work!

kate said...

Pork tenderloin (maybe like this one?

Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich

Fried walleye (or other kindof fish) like at Tavern on Grand

Buffalo chicken!

White Castle-style sliders

Veggie/turkey burgers

Also, did we know about this??? She has over 2000 sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

You need a red, white, and blue sandwich for election day..
Red and white are easy.. but they say there is no blue food!

Rebecca said...

Aaah, but we drank Blue Hawaiians last night up until Obama's speech. Then we switched to El Presidente cocktails. No sandwiches. Probably should have. Would have made this morning less hurty.