Thursday, October 16, 2008


Our Turkey Club Sandwich Night was delightful. Karen and I were able to get over our mutual hurt over the poll voting fiasco and relish the fruits of late summer/early fall. People always think summer is the time for great produce. But up here in the Midwest, our greatest bounty comes in between the middle of September and the middle of October. Tomatoes and peppers are perfect, late planted greens are crisp and delicious. And going to farmer's market is a delight on a cool crisp October morning, rather than misery on a hot steamy August one.
Where was I?
Oh yes, the turkey club. I wanted it to be delicious and special, so I roasted a fresh turkey breast on Sunday. I am weary of slimy deli turkey. Home brined and roasted is so much better. (And you get to make soup from the bones.) I got Everett's bacon, of course. I very patiently cooked it all over low heat so it would get good and crispy without getting burned. From the farmer's market, I got gorgeous tomatoes and sweet lettuce. I picked up an avocado on Saturday and stuffed it in a paper bag with a banana to get it perfectly ripe by Monday. (Works like a charm--try it.) And finally, I picked up a loaf of peasant bread from A Baker's Wife. Then I panicked that we wouldn't have enough and picked up a loaf of sourdough from Trader Joe's to go with it. Finally--I tried and failed miserably to make some mayonnaise. It's worked before--I'm not sure what happened this time. I'll have to investigate some mayonnaise troubleshooting tips. Any way, I luckily had a fresh jar of Hellman's in the cupboard so we were saved.

I made mine in the traditional double decker manner and I remembered that I had frilly toothpicks just in time. Fantastic

Karen went for a big pile on two slices of bread and smushed it down. She added toothpicks later, after I took the picture.

Kate and Beth were there, too, of course! And Sam the Cat who managed to eat his weight in turkey and not get sick. Good kitty.

We watched Heroes, which has been underwhelming me this season. I found an essay on Television Without Pity that pretty much sums up all of my feelings. Check it out. Of course, my sandwich was so heavenly, I barely noticed all the silly plot holes. And I'm glad I was finished eating by the time Mohinder started encasing people in sticky fly goo.

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Amy J. said...

Your Turkey Club looks like a sandwich I'd put aside my vegetarian leanings for! Any chance you're planning a Halloween-themed SN? Check this out:
You should make the Mummy Dogs.