Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Bad Habit?

The last two Saturdays I have gone to yoga, then "rewarded" myself with fancy sandwiches. Should I be worried?
I go to a yoga class from 12-1 on Saturdays when I can, mostly because the instructor is hysterical. Also because it's at the Y and it's included in my membership and not full of scary hard body pretzels with fancy yoga pants.
Since I don't eat beforehand, I'm always hungry from something on my way home. Last week I stopped at Spiros on University to try their spicy gyro. I've been driving by the sign for ages, why not? The spicy gyro is spicy because they put giardiniera peppers on it. Interesting and quite tasty.
Yesterday I had to run an errand in downtown Minneapolis which brought me perilously close to Be'wiched. Mmmm...I got the smoked ham sandwich which has thinly sliced smoked ham (not too smoky--they might make it there), brie, and apple mostarda on a baguette. Where has apple mostarda been all of my life? That is a seriously awesome condiment--cooked apples and mustard, as far as I could tell. So delicious. A definite entry into the GESTALT! Sandwich

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