Thursday, October 9, 2008

Amarillo known for steaks, not sandwiches

I spent the last four days in Amarillo, Texas for work and I have to report that the ONLY chain restaurant missing from that metro area is Chili's. Seriously, the city stretches out along I-40 for miles, dotted with major hotel chains and themed restaurants. As I sat in Joe's Crab Shack eating a crab cake sandwich (not bad at all), I thought to myself, "We could be in any suburb in any city in the country right now." I also thought that having the job of the person who gets all the crap to hang up on the walls might be sort of fun. Except that it's probably all corporate and suity.
I don't mean to malign Amarillo's culinary tradition too much though. This is the city with the "free" 72 oz. steak, after all. If you eat it in 1 hour that is. But then the trucker you are competing with will die of beef poisoning and you'll have to take over his run and all hell will break loose.
I manged to get in a ginormous steak cooked over a mesquite fire at the Lone Star Bar and Grill, a local place with lots of ambience. (Bumper sticker on the bathroom door reads, "I'd rather go hunting with Cheney than driving with Kennedy") I just finished feeding the remainder of that behemoth to a meat crazed Sam the Cat. Mraaw!
I did have a tasty barbecue beef brisket sandwich at the Dallas Forth Worth Airport on my way home, so all was not lost on the sandwich front. Now that I'm back, I can focus on Sandwich Night. Don't forget to vote--it's a close race!

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KJ said...

I hear that Beth wouldn't pick you up from the airport for this trip... but would drop off my husband :) haha. Nice timing!
As for sandwiches though.... If there is another vegetarian friendly one planned soon, let us know... Lyndon would enjoy, I'm sure!