Thursday, February 1, 2007

Put it in the HAT

I made Beth a felted hat for Christmas a few years ago. It’s enormous and stiff and looks like Cookie Monster (or Marge Simpson, if you hold it on your head right).

Needless to say, it has never actually been worn. It needs a job, though, since I put $50 worth of yarn into it and countless hours of knitting and standing over the washing machine willing it to shrink into something warm and cozy and cute.
Tuesday arrived and we couldn’t decide which sandwich to make next. Reubens? Hot Turkey? Gyros? Club? So many choices! So they all get written down and put in the giant blue hat. If we pull one out we don’t feel like making, we can pick again! Problem solved.

What did we draw for next week? Italian Beef! I think we're onto some kind of theme here.


Kate said...

Yeah right, you're not cat ladies. I was just waiting for the first cat picture to show up. Sure enough, 3 posts in...

That is a truly gaudy hat.

Peter said...

man, this is getting to be more and more cat-tastic every day. you should a glass front refrigerator case to store things in and get sam a coat and he can hang out in there in his hat and guard the coldcuts.

Rebecca said...

Silly Peter, Sam the Cat wouldn't guard the cold cuts, he would EAT the cold cuts.