Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hot Turkey Deliciousness

Surprisingly, Wimpy and Sam didn't go completely nuts while I was roasting the turkey breast on Sunday. Perhaps it didn't stay in the oven long enough to permeate the house with the pet intoxicating aroma of roasting turkey. They were pretty psyched to get some roasted turkey treats, however. Sam performed his turkey begging dance well. Angie tried to get Wimpy to do the "balance the turkey on your nose until I say okay" trick, but Wimpy wasn't interested in any kind of a wait, so we have no good photo of that!
So, to the sandwiches. Now, I've heard some criticism that a hot, open-faced turkey sandwich isn't technically a sandwich, but I'm making the rules, so they count! I think that any small town diner would agree. We each followed separate techniques in constructing the sandwich.
I went with toast, potatoes, stuffing, turkey, gravy, and cranberries on the side.

Angie used a gravy interleaving method: toast, gravy, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, turkey, gravy. Cranberries on the side.

Beth was a purist: toast, turkey, gravy. Potatoes, stuffing,and cranberries on the side.

And we were all happy.
Thanks for all of the great sandwich suggestions! It has paid off and next week we are making Jucy Lucys!!!!
Peter, think you can find a cheap flight?


Anonymous said...

I certainly base all my culinary definitions on what small town diners believe to be true…

Peter said...

jesus christ, i haven't even read and i know this is going to be a good one. happy valentines day, indeed. next, cat in little waiter outfit, serving sandy's. ok going to read

Peter said...

ok so wow, an invitation, and also, i think beth is the only one who made her sandwich right. i mean, like stuffing and potatos on a sandwich, have angie and rebecca lost their minds? much for my invite, consider it withdrawn, but i feel someone must be the voice of reason.

beth, thank you for doing your best in a trying situation on "hot turkey deliciousness" sandwich night.

Peter said...

how about a tuna melt? that sounds good, with cheddar cheese on top, on sour dough, tomato slice and broiled, thats another open face sandwich.

Peter said...

can you bar someone from leaving comments? I hope not.

Peter said...

dear sandwiches i have loved person/s,

will i get a free sandwich after i make 100 comments? i think i have become a blogjacker. that is someone who tries to hijack a blog with their comments. i don't know if that is a real term or not, but if i just invented it, i would like full credit. i wish i had a sandwich blog.