Monday, February 19, 2007

Aaaah, the Jucy Lucy

Totally awesome.
I got the meat at Everett's, which really deserves its own post. My friend John says that Everett's employs the last butchers in captivity and I think he's right. They wear white aprons and hats, wrap the meat up in white butcher paper and write the price on it with a black grease pencil. We get all of our ground beef from there and only there. They grind fresh it from big chunks of beef. They'll even grind it for you while you wait, if you ask them. No weird 57 animals and E coli mixed up in 1 pound of beef, here baby.
Back to the Jucy Lucys. I got squishy white buns and American cheese and sliced dill pickles called "Hamburger Chips". Angie seasoned the meat with garlic salt, pepper, and soy sauce. Then she divided it in 1/6th pound portions and worked them into wide, thin patties. 1 piece of cheese for each burger, folded in half, just like at Matt's. Then sandwich two of the patties around the cheese and pinch the edges shut. You have to pinch them a bunch and Angie did a bang up job.
I made french fries like Beth used to make when she worked at the french fry booth at the State Fair. Cut them sort of medium thick, then fry them at 325 for a few minutes, drain them, then fry them at 375 quickly so they get brown and crunchy.
We filled our house with grease and smoke frying up the burgers but it was completely worth it.
We went a little unorthodox and added a piece of cheese on top as well. Quite delicious. Angie made hers a double, crazy girl.
Fear the cheese!

We actually watched Heroes last night after our L-Word/Thai food get-together, so we opted to watch a movie about Winston Churchill I had checked out of the library while we ate. It was pretty good, even if it put Angie to sleep in 5 minutes. But so do most tv shows after 9:00 PM.


Kate said...

Oh, YUM! That plate of fried goodness looks amazing.

Peter said...

the pictures are worth like 5 thousand words at least. the bar is raised even higher. video clips are just around the corner...

Peter said...

hey, cheese on top of a double jl?.....does the 'L' word stand for LIPITOR?

hey how about this, a triple patty- two cheese pocket single unit jucy lucy? or how about have the middle patty be a sausage patty or maybe even a small pizza or potato pancake.

Tony said...

Rebecca... Awesome looking sandwich there...Do you have a portable defibrillator installed at Home? LOL.... I am a little partial to the "Minnesota wild burger" that the area Wendy's franchise holder has whipped up.

Hey.... I bet that Butcher shop doesn't have the Colonels extra NYC city ingredient..LOL

Peter said...

sam would seriously mess those nyc 'franchise' rats(no way is the corporation in any way affiliated with those rats) from kfc/tb if they even came within a mile of his mommy's sandwiches

ps thanks for sharing the secret to perfect fries - talk about institutional transparency, man, this blog is devoted to the betterment of sandwiches AND french fries.

Rebecca said...

I'm happy to report that there are no rats roaming in my sandwich franchise. If there were, Sam the Cat would probably die of fright.