Sunday, February 4, 2007

Meet our newest housemate

We couldn't help it. We got a food slicer! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!

I cooked the beef roast for the Italian beef sandwiches today. I stuffed about 6 garlic cloves into slits in a rump roast. Then I coated the roast with black pepper, garlic salt, oregano, crushed fennel and crushed red pepper. I seared it on all sides in a Dutch oven, then put it in the oven to dry roast for about 30 minutes. I added some water and some red wine and covered it and cooked it for another 3 hours. I think I hit a point when it was still intact but tender. It's in the fridge now, developing some flavor. Angie is going to use the pan juices to make the gravy tomorrow (do you can it gravy when it's clear?) We got rolls from Cossetta's for the sandwiches. Yum!

The only bummer is that Beth has to work tomorrow night and will miss all of the festivities. We'll take lots of pictures!


Kate said...

Oh no! Beth! I'll miss yoooooou! Fortunately, there will be much meat to make up for your loss.

Peter said...

how was your sandwich?

Peter said...

oh yeah, be careful with that thing, it looks dangerous.