Wednesday, February 28, 2007

D.C. update

I don't have much to report on the sandwich front from D.C. I don't think D.C. is really known for its sandwiches, actually. I did, however, have a delightful corned beef on rye at a deli on Capitol Hill yesterday. And I had a fantastic Indian Taco at the National Museum of the American Indian on Monday. But even I hesitate to call an Indian Taco a sandwich.


Peter said...

democracy and quality sandwiches are in short supply in dc. get plenty of fixin's before the blizzard comes...and kudos on this fine blog on the eve before entering its 3rd calendar month of existence.

what is an indian taco? is that on fry bread?

Tony said...

I think you need a new sandwich called the Carrie D... Lots of bread! but disappears for 6 months.LOL

erichauge said...
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erichauge said...

hey rebecca, do you want some gum?

stupid blogger doesn't have an edit feature. i forgot to include a link to the photos i took on the trip, so you can see our snowmonster:

Rebecca said...

I think the Carrie D would be low fat and low carb and it would come with zany sauce on the side. And be entirely forgotten the moment you ate it. So, no, that's not going in the hat!
And thanks for the link, Eric. We totally hit the window to make the perfect snowman when we were in DC. I think that chance will come again in about 5 years.