Thursday, February 1, 2007


The Heroes hero was awesome. My coworker Kate came over to share the sandwich love. It lived up to all of my lunch time scheming and plotting discussions. On Tuesday, still in post-sandwich bliss, we came up with a plan: every Monday, a new sandwich.

Next up: Meatball Subs.

Beth made the meatballs and sauce. I swear, they were the best meatballs she has EVER made. No joke. Beth will share the recipe by request ONLY!

We spread garlic butter and a blend of provolone, mozzarella, parmesan, and white cheddar cheese on hoagie buns and melted them in the broiler. On went the meatballs and more cheese and they went back into the oven to get all melty. Then we put pickled banana peppers on top.
That’s the best meatball sub I’ve ever had, hands down. I couldn’t even move once I’d finished it.

Dare I say that I love Mondays?


Karen said...

That looks AMAZING!! I'm drooling into my keyboard.

Jane said...

BETH! Share the Recipe! PLEASE!

Peter said...

beth, consider this a do you make these magical meatballs? you should try slicing meatballs in the the new slicer and and layer them with slices of provolone and have it on garlic bread with a gallon of chianti.

this blog has made sunday seem like friday and now i think tuesday sucks, but then its only like three days to the real friday. so this is ok.

maybe tuesday nights can be devoted to sandwiches i have hated, but then, i've never hated any sandwich. sometimes i'm bummed with my sandwich when i'm halfway done with eating it and i realize that the bread is kind of moldy, but even then i don't really hate it.

omigod, this is like the longest comment ever...i feel like a middle school girl....which is i think better than a 38 year old freak who is up at 1am typing inane comments on a sandwich blog

k, pocs(peace out cub scout)