Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's in the hat?

Here's the list so far:
hot beef (open faced, with potatoes and gravy)
grilled cheese
chili dog
chicken salad
roast chicken sandwich (like I had in Cairo)
hot pastrami
cheese steak
french dip
bahn mit (Vietnamese sandwiches)
hot ham and cheese
steak sandwich

Sure, it's heavy on the hot meaty sandwich options, but, 1.) we're eating these for dinner, 2.)we're carnivores, especially Little Angie and 3.)have you seen the weather reports for Minnesota? It's ACTUALLY cold right now. I think today is the first day in over a week when we spent most of the day above zero. So take that, hot sandwich haters! You know who you are...
So, if you have any suggestions--post 'em and if we deem them worthy, they will join the others in the hat!


Jane said...

I like the sandwiches named after ladies:
Patty Melt
Jucy Lucy

Rebecca said...

Oooh good ones! Beth says you just earned yourself an invite to sandwich night!

Anonymous said...

my southern heritage is speaking loud and clear today - peanut butter and molasses. not honey. molasses. and for good measure throw on some of those little tiny deep fried potato sticks that come in cans. yum. yum. yum. YUM. oh yeah. on WHITE bread.

Kate said...

One of my all time favs is one the Grille at Mac used to have - they called it a California Grilled Chicken Club, and it was chicken breast, bacon, and guacamole (from a tub!) on toasted white bread. Lettuce, tomato, and a pickle on the side with crispy fries... not bad for $4.95! Especially on those days you get out of swim practice late and would rather watch Survivor than eat in the cafeteria. Not that I ever did that, of course.

meghan said...

peanut butter and fluff
with coffee milkshakes and fritos.
mmmmmm goood!
from Lila and Gracie

Peter said...

dear sandwiches i have loved,

i think i would like you to add a lobster roll to your list and also some kind of fried fish sandwich, with a bunch of tasty tartar sauce(not the sweet kind). could you figure out how to fry up a little fish in your test kitchen? sometimes at night when it is lonely, its nice to know i can write about sandwiches somewhere. thank you sandwiches i have loved person.

amy said...

Great holy mother of god, what a good idea! Sandwiches, and television. And then pictures with talking about the eating of the sandwiches.

My contribution would be what I like to call Giant Dinner Sandwich: little fried ground pork patties made with lots of garlic on a big crusty loaf with chili-mayo, melted mozzarella and either tomatoes and green stuff, or fried onions and peppers. Then add pickled something for the final touch.

Peter said...

will you have a heart shaped sandwich on valentines day? will you send your sandwich a valentines?

Rebecca said...

I'm making my valentine tacos for dinner. If you overlap them just right, they form a heart. I think the taco is a borderline sandwich, so I guess it would count. And, amwesome suggestion, Amy! I wish I could eat all of my meals with you. And green beans.