Tuesday, February 6, 2007


There it is: Italian beef.
Angie added lots of onions and peppers to the pan juices and cooked it while I sliced the meat.

The meat slices went into the juice and practically dissoved. We warmed the buns up, split them and filled them with delicious meat, cheese and peppers.
Heroes wasn't so bad, either. And we learned that Angie is slightly phobic of Little People during Deal or No Deal. Heh heh heh. That's some good intelligence, I'll tell you what.
Kate came over with carrot cake cupcakes, too. Now, if they could only write a decent plot on Studio 60, we'd be set.

Next week: Hot Turkey! That's going to drive the pets CRAZY!


Peter said...

are those pickles homemade? this is exciting, to see the slicer in action....watch out for that right index finger! will you have the turkey with gravy? will you have pictures of the cat eating turkey? will i know what to do when sandwich season is over?

Rebecca said...

Have no fear, sandwich season is never over! If I put a picture of Sam eating turkey on the blog, will you make fun of me?

Tony said...

Nice looking sammiches!

There are high school shop teachers all over the country that are jealous of that pic with the slicer....
The word "before" comes to mind :)