Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Presenting the Rachel!

We were a little harried tonight. Angie and I were both late coming home from work. Beth was busy laying in provisions for the coming storm. Angie couldn't find marble rye so I ran to the Franklin Street Bakery just before closing time to grab some. Check out their happy hour special: half price bread and pastries from 5 to 6. I had to get cupcakes since I was there. They, unfortunately, are still full price. But totally worth it.
Onto the rachel--we went pretty traditional--marble rye, thousand island, swiss cheese, sauerkraut (Franks, from the can, the best!) and turkey. We had beer cheese soup for an appetizer while we were letting the super thick sandwiches grill up! All in all, not bad.
We barely even missed any of the two hour ANTM premiere. I think this may be the dumbest crop yet. We'll see what drama unfolds. One chick explained that she could wear fur if the animal died from natural causes, like, you know, how animals fight in the jungle and one dies? She totally would make a stole out of that critter. Heaven help us.
We are excited to announce that our next sandwich will be the......DAGWOOD! We are so totally raiding the Everett's meat counter. Jalapeno loaf, here we come!


Peter said...

only buy the jalapeno loaf made from, like, cows and pigs that died by accident or from, like, barnyard fights.

hey, nice rachel. good pic. i've also heard of rachels made with coleslaw. ever heard of that?

Jane said...

I'm so glad the Rachel made the line-up [wipe tear from eye]. You make me proud.

LibSublogger said...

Good god, I want to eat that sandwich. Excellent turkey photography, Rebecca.

Laura McCarty said...

You don't know me, but I linked from Jane's blog, and how glad am I that I did? I like blogs focused on one sole passion, like that of sandwiches. I especially appreciate your Rachel, since I've been on a Reuben kick for weeks. I thought you might appreciate this tip: Of the Bergen's Supervalu on Cedar, the Cub on 60th & Nicollet, and the Rainbow on Lyndale & 66th, Rainbow has by far the best corned beef. I'm sure Everett's would probably beat it, though.