Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation Sandwiches

I ate a fair amount of sandwiches on my cross-country road trip with my family. Here are some of the highlights:There we are, ordering from the Cougar Country Drive-In in Pullman, WA. My brother and sister in law lived in Pullman back when they first got married. We stopped into town to visit with some of their friends. When seven people show up at your house for dinner on a weeknight, the most polite thing to do is to bring greasy hamburgers from the local drive-in, right?
I got a Cougar Special. What makes it special? That slice of grilled ham on top of the hamburger! It was quite delicious. Good and messy, like a hamburger should be.
I ate my 194th and 195th sandwiches at my family reunion. #194 was a turkey sandwich from Quiznos--that's what was getting picked up from town for lunch. It was actually pretty tasty.#195 was a cheeseburger at the reunion. My cousin Kristi's husband Sam grilled and my Aunt Genie made lots of fantastic side salads. That's my cousin Kristi's son, Paul watching on with his temporary reunion tattoo on his cheek. #196 was a yummy turkey sandwich with cranberry relish from the Olympic Club Pub in Centralia, WA. I had a cup of salmon chowder with it. Yum! #197 was a bit of a shame-wich. My brother enjoys going out for late night burgers and he was delighted to go to his favorite spot in Seattle, Dick's. Of course we hit this after going out to a really nice supper at the Coastal Kitchen. Even though I told him I was stuffed, he does not like eating alone, so all the grown-ups ended up with a Dick's Deluxe. It is a great burger and even tastes good when eaten luke-warm while watching late night Olympics coverage since you couldn't choke it down any sooner.

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