Sunday, August 3, 2008

Getting Close....

I finished reading Everything I Ate and I'm impressed with the total honesty that the author brought to the project. There's so much shame tied up with high calorie or unhealthy foods in our culture. Most people would be tempted to omit late night greasy snacks or the second helping of dessert, but he pressed on and admitted every thing. Awesome.
That being said, I've been on a fatty sandwich binge of late. I think I'm getting trained up for a two week road trip vacation with my brother and family. They can eat!
On Thursday Beth and I stopped at Chris and Rob's (formerly Joey D's) on our way to see The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater at the Minnesota Zoo. The meatball sandwich was the special of the day, so that's what I had. We were running a little late so I found myself in the challenging predicament of inhaling a hot (both temperature and spice) sandwich and a beer (why did I order a beer?) and living to tell the tale. I persevered but I was in pain all the way to the theater. I suppose that's fitting for a movie about internal pain and suffering, right?
In a far more pleasant greasy spicy sandwich experience, I picked up a Manny's Special from Manny's Tortas while I was running errands yesterday. A delicious choice for my 188th sandwich of the year!

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