Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So Far, So Good

We made it to Montana in one 23 hour blast.
We started with dinner at the Convention Grill in Edina. They have awesome hamburgers and fries.With our bellies full of greasy goodness, we set off for our looooong car ride.
We stopped for breakfast in Miles City, Montana. No sandwiches were consumed.
For lunch, we followed the advice of Jane and Michael Stern's RoadFood and stopped for pork chop sandwiches and John's Pork Chop in Butte, Montana. Apparently, just as Minneapolis has its Jucy Lucy, Butte has its pork chop sandwich and John's is like Matt's. The pork chop is actually a chopped pork patty, battered and deep fried. It's served with pickles, onions and mustard. They were pretty spectacular.
Today we are off to McMinnville, Oregon by way of Pullman, Washington. Could 193 be today?

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