Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WPP, Take 2

I didn't quite finish everything I had to do at the warehouse last week. Which means more warehouse panini parties!
Today's was quiet--just Ethan, Dan and me. Ethan got a prosciutto sub from Buon Giorno, then added some of Dan's fig jam and brie to it. He said it was a little too salty. But he's not complaining.
Dan got a torpedo roll from Buon Giorno and put brie, provolone and fig jam on it. Yum! I made a sandwich from white bread, leftover Easter ham, Swiss cheese and honey mustard. It was quite delicious and I'm not usually a ham and Swiss kind of girl.
Tomorrow is definitely the last WPP for a while. Sniff. I got some ciabatta and brie. I still have prosciutto and arugula. And Dan still has fig jam. I can make that sandwich again. It's not a monkey on my back. Plus, this time I have brie!

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