Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sir Benedict's

We went to a tournament in Duluth with Beth's hockey team last weekend. On of the team traditions during the tournament is a stop at Sir Benedict's. They have a nice selection of sandwiches with good fixings (pickled jalapenos and sprouts!) and good bread. Plus, there's a huge selection of fancy soda pop and beer. Sadly, they didn't have my favorite sandwich, the bacon avocado, on the menu this time. Beth and decided to split a roast beef with horseradish sauce and an egg salad with "bistro" sauce. Pretty tasty!

In other Duluth sandwich news, we had a vegetable panini from the Blue Note Cafe as well. It was pretty good--even with the unusual (for a hot sandwich, anyway) addition of cucumbers and lettuce.

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Peter said... favorite, hot lettuce panini. whats bistro sauce? sounds like something that one could be suspicious of, and for goo reason.