Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Madness

And I'm not talking about basketball.
I'm talking about our decision to tap the enormous silver maple tree in our backyard for sap so we could boil it down for syrup. The good news? It works! And it tastes really good.
The bad news? It takes 5-6 hours to boil down a 5 gallon bucket's worth of sap. We've collected 4 full buckets since last Wednesday. And we currently have about 10 cups of syrup to show for it.
We are also going to have an elevated gas company bill to show for it since we've been boiling it down on our stove top. At least our house is well humidified!
Also, don't start boiling 5 gallons of sap at 8:00 PM. For you will be sad and cranky the next day.
So that's my excuse for not blogging about sandwiches!


Meghan said...

what sort of sandwich will you make with the syrup?

Peter said...

your such a sap when it comes to sandwiches