Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gyros are fantastic!

We had our fantastic Gyros and America's Next Top Model Sandwich Night last Wednesday. After careful consideration, I decided to try and make the gyro meat myself. I searched the internet far and wide and the most common home recipe involves baking a lamby meatloaf and then weighting it with a brick to compress it into gyro consistency. Intriguing. Just before I decided to try that method, I found a recipe in Cooks Illustrated that said that method lead to weird spongy tasting meat. Their method was to make the mixture, then shape it into little patties and fry them in a skilet. That way you get the good crusty browned parts too. Mmmm...

We had pita bread, chopped tomatoes and red onion, tsastiki sauce, and feta cheese for the sandwiches. I made a Greek salad, too. It was so good, we had them Thursday night, too.

And thanks to Sarah, our newest Sandwich Night participant, we had an array of baklava and killer brownies. Yum!
And Sarah will definitely be back for Sandwich Night--her friend worked on Cycle 10 of ANTM so we can get all the behinds the scene scoop!

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Peter said...

oooh how validating, i'm glad your homemade gyros were tasty....aren't gyros supposed to be spongy and weird? i remember i always felt kind of sick to my stomach after eating gyros with the ine's in missoula montana, but always got it anyway because i was fascinated that any food would make my stomach feel funny because none had before, ever. and it tasted good too.