Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Town Talk Pulled Pork!

I guess I was so excited about getting the internet back that I forgot to talk about the fantastic pulled pork sandwich I had at the Town Talk Diner Saturday night.
Beth and I went out to dinner with our friend Amy who was having a very rare night off from both kids and husband. We decided to take her to a place with the fancy cocktails and sandwiches, of course.
I've been to the Town Talk a few times and I been tempted to get the pulled pork sandwich but I've always been distracted by other tasty menu items. Well, those days are over. The sandwich is a nice pile of yummy barbecue pork with some crispy cole slaw and homemade bread and butter pickles on top. Delish! I washed it down with the Panty Dropper--a float made from sparkling wine and orange basil sorbet. It's really good and fun to order.

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Peter said...

would they take offense if you plugged your panini press in at the table and souped up that sammy?