Sunday, March 16, 2008

They call it the Russian Hamburger

I arranged to meet Karen and Beth for lunch two Fridays ago at the Russian Tea House. This place sits directly across the street from my gym. I've always wanted to try it out but they are only open Tuesday-Friday from 11-3. I'm never over there then, so the place has been a mystery to me.
I have done some homework on the place though and from that I knew they we famous for their piroshki, or Russian Hamburger. Sounds like a perfect Friday lunch!

I got there first, followed shortly by Karen. Everything on the menu looked so good we decided to order one of each! We were pretty happy when Beth showed up to share in our bounty.

One of each makes a perfect meal for three. Clockwise, from the top: piroshki, cabbage rolls, borscht, chocolate poppyseed roll, more borscht, beet and potato salad, beef stroganoff (Fridays only) and black tea with honey. Everything was great and the total bill was only around $25. I'll be back!
(And I don't care if you think the piroshki doesn't count as a sandwich. I'm counting it!)


Peter said...

sandwich, totally. i bet they could call it the russian fartburger too... man that borscht is some colorful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ive always wondered about that place... I can see it from the Wendys drive thru...