Thursday, March 20, 2008

WPP Day 3

It just keeps getting better. Some highlights from yesterday: Beth came! And our friend Amy came over from where she works (so close to the warehouse). There was kind of a frenzy of panini making, so I can't be sure what everyone put on theirs. I did bring a jar of Branston's pickle, which is chutney-like. That showed up on my sandwich--cheddar, Branston's pickle, yellow mustard--amazing. It also showed up dramatically on Dan's bagel panini--oozing out the center hole. Karen came too, with a South Beach from Buon Giorno. She did seem to enjoy it, although not as much as Dan did yesterday.
It was sunny outside so we ate at the picnic table, even though Ethan chose to stay inside and act hurt at us abandoning him. (He had a repeat--ham, cheddar, yellow mustard, dense rye bread.)
And the crowning moment of the day (for me, at least) was putting Joe's turkey baloney sandwich on the panini press. He ate half of it cold and he said it was okay. I pressed the remaining half and he said it became "delectable."
Yay paninis!

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