Friday, February 29, 2008


We had a small sandwich night on Wednesday: Cubans and ANTM. And Karen!

We didn't chose Cubans in honor of Castro stepping down. Mostly I had a pork loin in the freezer and I've been a little Cuban obsessed lately.

I rubbed the pork loin with a mixture of crushed garlic, dried oregano, black pepper and salt. Since the loin was in two long pieces, I rubbed the mixture between them and tied them together. Then I spread the rest on the outside and roasted it in a 400 degree oven for about an hour. Boy oh boy did the house smell great!

I decided to buy a small ham rather than buy sliced ham from the deli. Sometimes deli meat can be so slimy. Yuck. (It was a good decision--the freshly sliced ham tasted so much better!)

On sandwich night I got out the slicer and sliced the pork loin and the ham. We sliced up swiss cheese and homemade dill pickles as well. I got out both yellow mustard and Dijon mustard to try. Most recipes call for yellow specifically, but Dijon is just so tasty. I got French rolls and a sourdough baguette, since that's all that was left at the New French Bakery by the time I got there.

We piled up the ingredients and squashed them in the panini press, of course! (That machine has truly changed our lives.) I tried a couple combos with the different breads and mustards and I'd have to say that French bread/yellow mustard was my favorite. Wow!

I made some tropical fruit salad to go with the sandwiches and we even made chocolate sorbet in the ice cream ball for dessert. Not a bad night!

TV was good too--we got to see my cousin's husband's climbing gym on Supernanny and then we watched the first real episode of ANTM. It should be an entertaining season, even though the dumbest of all dumb blonds kicked herself off before Tyra could do it. Waaa waa.


Peter said...

"Since the loin was in two long pieces, I rubbed the mixture between them and tied them together."....saayyy, just what kind of blog is this?

KJ said...

Rebecca- your blog (and thus-ly love and enthusiasm for sandwhiches) adds much humor to many of my days. I look forward to following your gastrointestinal escapades throughout the year... or at least until you reach your goal :)