Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bahn Mit!

I had to run an errand at lunch today so I decided to stop and pick up some Vietnamese sandwiches (Bahn Mit) since I would be driving past half a dozen purveyors along the way. I stopped at Saigon Restaurant where they have a counter set-up and an extensive sandwich menu. It had been awhile so I played it safe and got the "regular": roast pork, pork loaf, pate, mayo, veggies. One is never enough so I picked up a veggie one, too. They really are good--French bread, mayo, mystery meat (or not), cukes, pickled carrots, fresh jalapenos and cilantro. And the price is right. Those two sandwiches ran me $3.25. Nice!


Peter said...

mmmmm, bahn mit, please, bring us more bahn mit please. whats the funkiest bahn mit you can order, sis?

Rebecca said...

I don't know--they've got them with all kinds of mystery meats