Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Paninis again?

Well, they do make a perfect pre-caucus meal. Last night's was sharp cheddar, goat, and blue cheese with almost caramelized onions (I got impatient). Thanks to Beth's co-workers for providing me with stylish eyewear to convince the other caucus goers that I'm awake and interested in what they have to say.


Eric Hauge said...

Nice glasses! Did you bring the sandwich TO the caucuses? Someone in my precinct brought McDonalds for themselves, so the room stunk like cheap eats the whole time.

Rebecca said...

We ate before the caucus, so we could enjoy the weak coffee and chocolate chip cookies they served there. Caucusing in a church basement rules.

Amy J. said...

Those are some scary goggles.
(The sandwich doesn't scare me one bit, though...)

Peter said...

"Come on down to CRAZY BECKY'S HOUSE OF PANINI MADNESS...what will her next publicity stunt be? come dressed like a monkey(or george bush) and get a free panini(and punch in the nose).