Sunday, February 3, 2008

Maverick's Roast Beef!

I've been meaning to try out the famous roast beef sandwiches at Maverick's in Roseville. Both Amy B and Karen have sung their praises to me. Plus, they always come up on food writer's lists in the paper, etc.
So, on Saturday, Karen and I made the trek to Larpenteur and Lexington. She agonized over whether to get the brisket or the roast beef sandwich all the way there. In the end, she decided on the brisket (and had me convinced to get one too) and she talked me into sharing a roast beef with her as well. Hee hee!
When you get your sandwich there, it's just the meat (which they weigh out on a scale) on a bun. Then you go over to the condiment bar and choose from a bunch of toppings including prepared horseradish, sliced onions, pickles, barbecue sauce, pickled peppers, etc.
I added lots of horseradish to my sandwiches, plus sliced onion to my brisket. I experimented with barbecue sauce and pickles on a couple bites of both . It's better with the brisket. But so not necessary.
I'll be returning to Maverick's, for sure. Next time I want to try their Italian beef or French Dip!


Anonymous said...

Although it is not actually beef, next trip you should try the pulled pork, which is my favorite. With banana peppers and the mayo-y horseradish, it is extra spectacular.

My kids always get the hot turkey sandwiches. Since they end up eating all my french fries, I get half a plate of hot gravy goodness too. You can't go wrong at Mavericks, unless you are looking for a vegetable.


Peter said...

I was so not falling for the dilemma being described in the beginning of the post. Drive all that way, one of each is a no-brainer. Nice choice(s).

Anonymous said...

You'll find Maverick's menu on their web site.