Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today I went on a field trip to St. John's University to see the St. John's Bible. It's really an amazing thing--the first hand written bible in 500 years. We got to see pages from the Wisdom and Prophets books. Our gracious hosts even set us up with lovely sandwich buffet where I made this sandwich:

They bake that bread at the Abbey. It was yummy. I copied an idea from my co-worker Joe, a true sandwich artist, and spread some of the red pepper veggie dip on the bread. Then I put on co-jack, pepper jack, turkey, ham, lettuce and tomato on it. Delish! A little chicken dumpling soup, chips, veggies, and a pickle completed the feast.


Peter said...

Wow! fancy. i bet they knew you were coming they would have been quaking in their monk boots.

Peter said...

hey, good luck with number 50. choose wisely for this milestone 'wich.

Kate said...

Yay, St. John's Bible! I've seen photos of it, and the whole project is just too cool for words. Awesome you got to see it.