Saturday, January 19, 2008


Without even trying, I managed to eat a sandwich for every meal yesterday. My first sandwich trifecta of 2008!
I started the day with spin class so I guess I thought I could consume some calories to make up for that level of activity.
I was starving after the gym and I knew a coffee and a pastry wouldn't cut it so I stopped at Brueggers on my way to work and got an egg and cheese bagel. It was okay. The scrambled egg cake was kind of gross and I should have asked the bagel artist to toast my everything bagel, but it hit the spot. Held me over to lunch!
At lunch, I decided to try one of the new offerings at the cafeteria at work--the Cuban sandwich. Two people I had lunch with this week had it, so I figured I had better try it out. It was tasty--probably not so authentic, but okay. It had lots of dijon mustard, so that gives it points. I think I'll try some of their other new sandwich offerings before I come back to this one.
Finally, we went over to our friends' house to watch the first two episodes of the L-Word last night. The good news--it's actually funny this season. Hallelujah! We got take-out from the 5-8 Club to accompany our traditional yell at the screen viewing. I got the Montana Jack burger--pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, shredded lettuce, tiny onion rings. That was tasty. I'd get it again!
Today's menu--salad?

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Peter said...

another zip comment post stamped out...what do you yell at the screen? kudos on the trifecta.