Thursday, January 3, 2008


My lovely brother surprised me with a Tommy's breakfast sandwich this morning.

It is perhaps the greatest offering from that esteemed Los Angeles establishment besides chili cheese fries. It's a hamburger bun, sausage patty, fried egg, tomato slice, pickles, chopped raw onions, mayonnaise and, of course, American cheese and chili. Super! My nine year old niece even ate one.

There's no way to accurately describe it, really. Like a baby that is so ugly it's cute, the Tommy's breakfast sandwich is so gross it's delicious. The chili has a weird greasy viscous quality that makes it stick inside the bun for the most part. The American cheese gets all melty and adds to that viscous chili quality. The pickles are pretty awesome, as is the giant slice of tomato. And the sausage patty is so much tastier than a hamburger patty. That's why I pick the breakfast sandwich over the more traditional burger at Tommy's. Sadly, you can only get it at breakfast.
A quick update--I asked my niece how she liked Tommy's chili a few days later and she said she didn't know since she'd never had it. I reminded her about the breakfast sandwich and she said, "That was chili? I thought it was some weird orange cheese."
Don't get me wrong, the burger is fantastic as well. They take out the egg and sausage and put in two patties and mustard. My brother sang a long and enthusiastic serenade to his double chili cheese the other night. In between bites, of course. I'll have to get me one of those before I go home!


amy j. said...

What?! No pictures? I need to see a chili-cheese breakfast sandwich to believe it. *And* no pictures from Disneyland?
You're breaking my (frozen Boston-bound) heart..

Rebecca said...

Pictures are coming! I forgot my camera cord at home and don't want to cause a ruckus at the old homestead looking for one.

Peter said...

what was it like to consume the piece de resistance only 2 sandwiches into the year?