Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sandwich Alert!

Well, it's been a few days since the trifecta and I'm just about to have my first sandwich since that acheivement. What, you say? Rebecca goes 4 days without a sandwich? Can it be possible? I guess so--I've never paid such close attention to my sandwich intake before so anything could happen.
Today I have packed in my lunch a roast beef, muenster, spinach and honey mustard on whole wheat. Yum.
I don't usually count my sandwiches before they hatch, but I wanted to get the word out early that we are having a very last minute sandwich night TONIGHT! The occasion? My copy of Reno 911:Miami is ready for pickup at the library! I can't wait to see it, since Beth and I are developing an unhealthy addiction to the reruns of Reno 911 on TV every night at 11:00. (It's sooo past my bedtime.)
In honor of the setting of the movie (Miami) we are going to pick up Cubanos from Manny's Tortas. The festivities should start by 8:00 at our place. Come over! But let me know by 5:00 if you want me to pick up a Cubano for you, too!

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Peter said...

reno 911? tortas? no comments? does no one care...what does it take to inspire sandwich enthusiasm in the masses. what is better accompaniment to sandwiches, tv or magazines? i vote for mags.