Saturday, January 26, 2008

New taste sensations!

#23 was a peanut butter and dandelion jelly on whole wheat. My friend Mel brought the dandelion jelly back from West Virginia. It's very mild--kind of tastes like honey. If you find yourself in West Virginia, you should hunt some up!

#24 came about through a discussion I had with a co-worker about the greatness of Everett's. He claims that Everett's stays in business solely due to sales of polish sausage and beef bacon. Beef bacon? Who knew there was such a thing? I had to try some. They keep a hunk of it by the beef sticks. I ordered a few slices and fried them up for a BS sandwich today. That's a bacon spinach, since I was flat out of lettuce and tomatoes are too scary in January. Beef bacon is salty and sort of tastes like pork bacon, except beefier and chewier. Worked well on toasted asiago cheese bread with mayonnaise and baby spinach!

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Peter said...

chicken bacon....chicken bacon. fish bacon?