Sunday, January 13, 2008

I love my new panini press!

Thanks Peter and Meghan!

We put the press into action yesterday, making roast beef, provolone, and walnut dijon mustard on white bread paninis. Yum!

We had pickles with the sandwiches, managing to finish off two jars! (Each containing one lonely pickle floating in brine) Now there are only 465 jars of condiments left to finish.

The paninis were so good we are repeating them today, except with caramelized onions (found them in the back of the fridge--go figure) and horseradish.


Kate said...

Oh yum! What's on the docket for the first sandwich night of 2008? It's about time to celebrate the first anniversary of the sandwich that started it all soon, isn't it?

Peter said...

why does the condiment count fluctuate so wildly from day? remember, murky metrics are out in 2008.
precisely yours, bb

Peter said...

ooooh wow, got this one already...