Monday, August 6, 2007

All Hail Mustard!

I got a chance to visit the Mustard Museum in Mt.Horeb, Wisconsin the weekend before last. This place is a trip. There are thousands of jars of prepared mustard from all over the world, plus jars and tins of dry mustard. There are hundreds of mustard serving bowls and spoons. There is a French's Mustard mascot costume (it's a giant mustard container, of course). And then there is the artwork. Check out this fantastic French's Mustard magazine ad depicting all of the sandwiches you can make with their mustard!

Check out some of those combos: "Southern Ham" contains deviled ham, sweet pickles, mustard-mayonnaise and peanut butter? Hmm....I think I'll reserve judgement.
The other half of the Mustard Museum is a giant store selling hundreds of mustards, hot sauces, salty snacks and "Poupon U" t-shirts.
My friend Amy (different from the Heroes finale Amy--half of my friends are named Amy) and I spent a good amount of time browsing mustards. Then we found out you could sample any of the mustards before you buy them. Well, that was a fun activity! Some were great, some not so great. I ended up buying Apricot Ginger Mustard, Walnut Dijon, and Country Garlic Mustard.
Amy went nuts and bought half the store, including Chocolate Merlot Mustard (fantastic on pretzels) and Chili Dog Mustard (which would be good on chili dogs, I guess?)
We spent the drive home sampling mustards with pretzels and then I had the brilliant idea (bear with me here) of combining the Apricot Ginger Mustard with chunky peanut butter on a flour tortilla. It was incredible! My new favorite sandwich! It's good on wheat bread, too.
So I guess I had better try the Southern Ham, huh?


S/V UTE said...

OMG, can't believe Beth narrowly escaped being part of the 35W debacle. jesus. I just tuned back into your blog after a couple months of no internet access, and man, it was worth the wait. you have my mouth watering. gotta say though, having just sailed 22 months and 7,000 miles to get here (here being Mystic, CT), there is nothing to beat a freshly made, lovingly prepared, perfectly proportioned BLT, eaten on the porch in the summer. i mean, really. now, Allen had avocado on his, and I ask you, is that gilding the lily, or improving upon a classic?

Rebecca said...

Yay Cora! It's great to hear from you!I'm going to have to side with Allen and the addition of avocado to a BLT. Mmmm....avocado and bacon are meant to be together!

But then, I'm getting a reputation for stretching the boundaries of the sandwich universe. At least among some circles...