Sunday, September 28, 2008

Goat Brie? Yes, Goat Brie!

I'm still using up the giant hero leftovers. I've reached the prosciutto, which took me back to memories of the Warehouse Panini Parties this past spring. I decided to revisit the prosciutto. fig jam, and goat cheese panini.
I stopped at the Seward Co-op and picked up a loaf of Miche bread from Rustica Bakery, a jar of fig jam and soft ripened goat cheese. Yes! I was standing there with a little log of chevre in my hand looking at the other fancy cheeses when I spied the wedge of soft ripened goat cheese. For real? They make goat brie??? That log of chevre went right back on the shelf.
I have made three paninis on the Miche bread so far:
Prosciutto, fig jam, goat brie, mustard greens (couldn't find arugula, unfortunately). The mustard greens were a little weird, a little too mustardy. They made the sandwich taste vegetal, I guess. It wasn't unpleasant, but it also wasn't the bitey zip of arugula I was looking for. The goat brie was lovely--subtly goaty and it melted well.Prosciutto, goat brie, honey. This one was too salty. I think the goat brie brought out the saltiness of the prosciutto and the honey wasn't assertive enough to calm it down. It definitely grew on me as I ate it, though. (Oh lord, pun SO not intended!)
Goat brie and fig jam. This, my friends was the winner. While it did not accomplish my goal of using up prosciutto, it did make me very happy. It also proved the point that fig jam and goat cheese are meant to be together!

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