Saturday, September 27, 2008

Giant Hero Leftovers Are Yummy

It seems we always over buy meat for the giant hero. Which is lovely, since I get to make sandwiches out of them for a whole week. For example:
On Wednesday, I made Italian roast beef, provolone and walnut Dijon mustard on multigrain sourdough for lunch. I wisely zapped it in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese. Perfect.
Wednesday night I made myself a meatball sandwich on a hamburger bun. I added leftover pepperoni and mozzarella from the giant hero, plus pickled jalapenos. I toasted it all up and ate it hot in approximately 4 bites. Little Angie came by and made herself a kitchen sink sandwich with lots of hero leftovers, meatballs and pickled jalapenos on multigrain sourdough. It was a monster!
For lunch on Thursday, I had porketta, provolone, country garlic mustard and lettuce on multigrain sourdough.
On Friday I made salami, hot soppresetta, lettuce, yellow mustard and country garlic mustard on multigrain sourdough. The mixing of mustards was quite delectable. I will do it again!
Even though I've been steadily eating my way through all of the paper packages from Cossetta's, there are still more left. So, let me know if you want to stop by for a delicious sandwich of cured Italian meats and fancy mustard!

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