Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Aaah. The return of the giant hero. I missed you my friend. Isn't it pretty?
For this version of our giant hero, I wisely let Angie take the reins. She and Beth went shopping at Cossetta's, of course. The picked up salami, pepperoni, hot soppresetta, porketta, Italian roast beef, provolone, mozzarella, asiago, marinated artichoke hearts and a loaf of Vienna bread. They also stopped off at Whole Foods and got red onion, lettuce and marinated mushrooms. Then they came home and Angie went to work for an hour, chopping, slicing, layering and working her usual magic. She even made a veggie version for Robynne.
Once assembled, the sandwiches went into the oven for a bit, just to warm up and bring out the flavors. It was totally worth the wait. So delicious!
And we enjoyed Heroes, too. Looks like it will be a good season. I'd also like to note that my friend T celebrated her own Heroes sandwich night with pulled pork sandwiches! Yay! Let's spread the Sandwich Night movement, people!

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runningtostandstill said...

Looks yummy!
More sammys tonight? I don't know what I'm making tonight myself. ??? Thinkin' about getting some good sliced meat-goodness and keeping it simple. Haha. We'll see how creative I feel later. :) Oh, both Heroes & Chuck are on tonight! Yeah! Have a good one!