Monday, September 29, 2008

Banner 4 Sandwich Day

Yesterday I achieved a new high in sandwichness: 4 of them in one day!
I met friends at the Citizen Cafe for breakfast and I decided to try their fried egg sandwich. It was very simple--too simple for my overblown taste buds, perhaps. It had one over hard egg, two homemade sage and pork sausage patties and some butter on a ciabatta roll. The sausage was really tasty--delicately flavored and not too salty or greasy. The sandwich actually worked, once I settled into it, but some hot sauce would have been nice. Hee hee!
Then, I had to follow my prosciutto panini yearnings for lunch. I made two sandwiches since I was cutting off the narrow end of the bread, you know.And finally, I turned my leftover Ted Cook's pulled pork into a sandwich for dinner. Luckily we had a hamburger bun! The pulled pork is relatively new to the menu and you should check it out. The portion is enormous--I got three big dinners out of it. I reheated my leftover jo-jo potatoes with it. They got soggy, but they still tasted good. Also--I took all the mustard greens left from my failed attempt at using them on a prosciutto panini and stewed them up as a side. Delicious.


Cora Carey said...

i know this isn't Sandwich News per se but I thought you should know, they just opened a new restaurant about half an hour south of here called Montreal French Fries and they sell all varieties of Canadian Gravy Fries, including the kind that come smothered in melty cheese curds. naturally we'll go soon but I am thinking we gotta get you out there next time you're in Mass. it's not that far from Plymouth so perhaps we could make it a PILGRIMage trip. I know how you enjoy combining melted cheese and american history into one road trip.

Meghan said...

I'm with you Cora! I'm pushing for her to come out the weekend of Oct. 25 for Gracie's birthday. And, you will be pleased to hear that Gracie is celebrating her birthday at the Boston University pool! Perhaps Gravy fries should be on the menu with birthday cake.

Amy J. said...

There are Gravy Fries in Massachusetts!?!
Why have I not been there yet?
Directions, please.

Meghan said...

all star sandwich bar...cambridge. Let's meet there with Rebecca, beth and Cora when they come to town in October! :)