Monday, September 8, 2008

Everything We Ate at the Canadian National Exhibition

We couldn't resist going to the Canadian National Exhibiton. We wanted to see how it compared to the Minnesota State Fair. Plus, there was an air show. Sadly, the CNE is a pale shadow compared to the MSF. The grounds are hot and exposed. There wasn't much to see, either. We did take in the air show, which was fun and full of noisy fighter jets and precision flyers. We saw part of a rodeo with bull riding. We saw the Harmonicats. And of course we tried out some of the food. We went to stands that looked busy and unique. Hopefully we sampled some of the CNE favorites. Here we go--see the list at the bottom!

From the top: pierogies, beaver tail with maple butter, bacon on a bun, lemonade, Montreal smoked meat sandwich, Ting Twist ginger ale, poutine, hot ice cream waffles.
Okay, the CNE gets points for some lovely foods. The beaver tail was amazing. The smoked meat sandwich was delicious. And I finally got to try poutine, which was not bad at all. Cheese and gravy on your french fries? Why not?
Also, in Canada, they call Canadian bacon, "bacon." Just like how English muffins are just called "muffins" in England. Funny! I wonder what parallels there are with American foods?

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Amy J. said...

Cheese and gravy on my fries sounds like a little slice of heaven.