Monday, March 5, 2007

Oh woe is us!!!

Our happy post sandwich afterglow was RUDELY interrupted by the announcment at the end of Heroes that the next episode won't be until April 23.
Stupid NBC.
After much gnashing of teeth and despair, we decided the only logical solution is to move sandwich night to Wednesday, in honor of Tyra Banks.
So, our next sandwich will be next Wednesday (we have too many sandwich leftovers to have it this week!) and our sandwich will be.....the panini!!!
So many will take us a whole 10 days to formulate our plan


Meghan said...

are you going to wear red swimsuits with your weight written on them while eating your sandwiches!!??

Kate said...

You could put sausage in the panini, in honor of Tyra being stuffed into her corsets. NBC's loss is the CW's gain. If only NBC knew how much free publicity they were getting for Heroes with Sandwich Night!

Beth said...

Day two of being home sick and the only thing that is saving me is the Dagwood leftovers. You know, feed a cold,starve a fever. Well I have both, but that's not stopping me from my second Dagwood in less than 24 hours.

It's also bringing about an creepy unease in the house, as the cat and dog sit within three feet of each other, a short lived and uncomfortable truce brought about only by the love of sandwhich.

Peter said...