Wednesday, March 21, 2007


There it is! The Monte Cristos came off without a hitch. Golden brown, dusted with powdered sugar, strawberry jam on the side. Fruit as an accompaniment in honor of all those skinny chicks on TV... Actually, there was one tiny hitch--my sandwich was the first and it stuck to the fry basket so I lost a piece of bread momentarily. It was recovered and I squished it all back together and it still tasted great. Preparations for this sandwich involved Everett's (of course) and Trader Joe's. The meat and cheese came from Everett's, big surprise. We got good sourdough sandwich bread and really tasty Dijon mustard at Trader Joe's. I know Dijon mustard isn't in the traditional Monte Cristo, but it sounded good to me. It's really good with jam. Try it!

I layered bread, Dijon mustard, ham, Swiss cheese, turkey, more mustard and then bread. I sliced it diagonally, battered it, and threw it in the deep fryer. Beth did pretty much the same, minus the mustard.

Angie made a monster Monte Cristo, of course. Three pieces of bread layered with lots of cheese, ham, and turkey; Dijon mustard AND strawberry jam. She cut it into quarters before battering to make it more manageable. Check it out before

And after. (Please note that she saved half for lunch tomorrow)

And we couldn't resist the greasy hands picture

Next week may be messy too. We're making pulled pork! Angie had the brilliant idea of making it from a porketta roast. (Insert Homer Simpson drool here). We better get some squishy white buns....


Peter said...

imho you are fearless fryers

Rebecca said...

It was surprisingly easy! And since Beth and I made our sandwiches on the smallish side, not too gross. I think the apple and pineapple helped cut the grease!

karen said...

I'm drooling right now. Soooo yummy looking.

FYI for the pork - you can cook it in a slow cooker.

Peter said...

what grease product did you use?

Megan said...

I am a firm believer that fried food makes the world a better place. The dijon mustard and jam is an interesting combo-I'll have to try it.

Rebecca said...

We used vegetable oil--bought a gallon but only need half to fill the fryer. What should we fry next?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe at 9AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM I turned on my computer to read about the Monte
Cristo. What is happening to me? haha. Since I do not know computer lingo what does imho mean. I owe you recipes.

Tony said...

Since I do not know computer lingo what does imho mean.

IMHO means... In My Humble Opinion.

I dont think Ive ever had a Monte cristo sandwich...They look good!
but might retain a little too much grease for me. Sorta like the deep fried reuben on a stick at the fair.