Sunday, March 18, 2007

Monte Crisco

Several years ago we were eating lunch at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. Peter ordered a Monte Cristo. Beth followed suit. It was cut in half diagonally, then deep fried. The result was two enormous triangles of golden brown perfection which filled up the entire plate. Besides a bowl of jelly, the sandwich was served with a small red apple. Perhaps to relieve some of your guilt at eating that much fat and cholesterol? When we were leaving the restaurant Beth called the sandwich a Monte Crisco by mistake. That name stuck.
Now the ritual Monte Cristo lunch at the Blue Bayou is well established. We missed it the last time we went to Disneyland because I won a huge prize package that day which included dinner at Blue Bayou, and the Monte is only on the lunch menu. (We compensated by being in the parade, then staying in the Mickey Mouse Penthouse Suite for the night--tough sacrifice!)
So, it's been a long wait for this Monte Cristo. This is going to be good. Angie hasn't even had one EVER. And we're working on my friend Patrick to come over since he has strong opinions on what makes a good Monte Cristo (sourdough bread, deep frying, and strawberry jam)
It's the little things that get us through another week of the Heroes hiatus. At least we can make fun of painfully ignorant model wannabes instead!


Tony said...

No big honking corned beef on rye in honor of St.Patricks day?

I guess the heart and circulatory system can only handle so much sandwich goodness.. Best to go easy on these things..LOL

Rebecca said...

We had Mulligan stew and soda bread for St. Pat's instead.
The Monte IS inspiring us to fit in a couple more workouts and more veggies this week to compensate, though!