Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacationwich Round-up

We've been back from vacation for a week and I finally feel like I'm recovering. It's about time I shared some more sandwiches I loved while on the East Coast.
We went to Basin Head beach on P.E.I. It's famous for it's singing sands. The sand squeaks under your feet!
It also has a snack stand selling all sorts of seafood and burgers. I was feeling peckish, so I couldn't pass up on the scallop burger. What's a scallop burger? It's a handful of fried scallops on a beautifully soft bun with tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato. Perfect.
We spent a day in Boston at the end of our trip which meant we got to go to the Greek Corner with some of our Boston family and friends. I had a lamb souvlaki sandwich and it was tasty.It was even better because I got to eat with this little guy.

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Meghan said...

I want to go to there!